Yes, I have started back to work but haven’t blogged about it yet.  I have a large order for awards for this show in the works:

ACBA Specialty 2011 “Cavies in Bloom”

I’ve been painting that logo on every single piece- slow going but I do enjoy it!  That will keep me busy for a few weeks, but I did take today off to whip up a bunch of heart shaped goodies for  The Fifth Monday stocking on January 31 and Universal Mama’s “Love is in the Air” stocking on February 7.

After that, there is a squishy cup preorder going on at Wool Hoarders, followed by a batter bowl and ? preorder going on… I’m not sure where, LOL!

However:  I must let everyone know that my daughter Katie is due for a pretty serious knee surgery on February 10- the bone with the tendon holding her kneecap must be cut and reattached to the bone elsewhere using bone screws- so I am working extra hours to complete the bulk of the ACBA awards order before that date, just in case I am needed in mommy mode afterwards.

Thanks for your understanding!