Well, the technical term is “we.”  What WE did.  We painted and put a new floor in the basement!

First incarnation of the basement was institutional green asbestos floor tile and baby poo brown painted paneling.

The winter DH spent 3 months in Italy (2002 maybe?), I built in cabinets and did this:

The footprints were made by our dear Irish Wolfhound, Maggie who passed away in 2004.  The kids were 7 and I wanted it to be a bright, cheery playroom.

This is just before we started painting- the cabinets on the left had doors on them and the purple shelves were open.

A few years later the asbestos tiles started popping up (I’d only painted them to avoid the hazard of removing them), so we replaced with laminate flooring.  Then last spring during the Big Floods around here, we got 1/2 inch of water in the basement- just enough to ruin the floor.  So, that came up, and we lived with sticky black tar adhesive on the basement floor for 8 months.  It was really bad and left black goo on the bottoms of all the furniture.

Here we’ve primed the walls and I’ve started with the window trim and bookcases and cabinets.

Doors and trim.

A better shot of the awful floor.  Walls have been painted.

New floor going in!  It’s a commercial grade vinyl plank faux wood floor- waterproof.  I insisted on doing it myself because I’m picky that way, but it’s pretty easy to install! However,  I walked like a crab for days afterwards.

Almost finished!

And the finished basement!  I really need to replace that cabinet under the TV though…

The yucky plants in plastic bags are pond plants that spend every winter in the basement window.  Ugly.  But in the summer they make up for it by beautifying my pond!

Looking  back, I wish I hadn’t decided to do this over the holidays.  It made for a pretty draining “vacation.”  I still have to put baseboards in but will wait for a weekend further down the road.