I am wrapping up the Hyenacart yarn bowl coop ;  I got a few bowls finished last week, and the last 20 or so bowls are cooling in the kiln as I post this.  I’m hoping to pack and ship and invoice for shipping tomorrow.

I have put a good sized dent in my holiday customs list and hope to draw at least a handful of new names after Halloween, so those of you who submitted your names- there is still a chance for you!  A couple of those who have already been drawn can expect to hear from me shortly as your orders are cooling in the kiln along with the yarn bowls!

The rest of my time (HAHA) has been spent working on a haunted house with the kiddos.  I can’t wait to introduce you to Qbert, Elvis and Ziggy; who I have been working hard on and am very proud of.  Heh heh…. I hope to finish them tonight and post pictures soon, but I want to wait until DH finishes the eyes!  So check back if you like a good scare.  I know I do… mua ha ha….