Wow- the Hyenacart squishy cup coop that Lori of Beneath The Rowan Tree organized for me filled up in 25 minutes flat, with a total of 207 squishy cups ordered!  So now the hard work begins.  For the past 10 days I’ve been throwing, throwing, throwing.

I thought it would be fun to start a little series on how I make squishies… so here goes…

The Squishy Saga:  Episode One:  Throwing

The first step in creating squishy cups is weighing out the clay.  I weigh my clay lumps to make sure my finished products are fairly uniform.

Yeah, my studio’s dirty.  A lot of mud moves through here.

Okay, so once the lumps are weighed, I make them into balls.

Bags o’ balls:

Then comes the fun part.  Throwing:

Looks quick, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, the part that is the most fun is also the shortest step in the process.  And, there are many, many steps to go through before they are finished.

Once they are thrown, they need to set up a bit- about an hour or two, and then they are squished:

At this point I also smooth the bottoms and put my stamp on the edge of the bottom.  I put it on the edge, because if I put it right smack in the middle, it will cave in the bottom of the cup.

After squishing, they are set up to dry for several days until bone dry:

And there you have it- the first day in the creation of a squishy cup!  Stay tuned for

The Squishy Saga:  Episode 2:  Firing