Wednesday night Bubby was lethargic and vomiting a bit. So I took him to the vet the next morning, where they found his body temp was below normal and I noticed that he couldn’t walk very well! They took his blood, x-rays, started him on fluids and kept him overnight.

I knew the vet bill was going to be pricey so I quickly set up 50 squishy cup custom slots at HC and managed to throw 25 that day, promising another 25 within 2 weeks. The awesome mamas there bought them all within 2 hours. Thank you so much!

The next morning the vet called and said we should come visit him because he wasn’t going to make it. So, Friday morning, 9-12, we had to put him down. It was kidney disease. He was an amazing cat.

He was 22 pounds of marshmallowy mellowness. At 10 weeks of age his head was crushed under a recliner, causing a bit of brain damage, partial blindness, and a funny, stomping kind of walk. He was an indoor cat, but sometimes he would sneak out just to follow us around the yard (he would stick to us like glue, tripping us often). However, if anyone was walking down the street he would stomp over to them and demand some petting. He LOVED our two dogs and would chase them around the house. He slept with our daughter every night, right next to her pillow.

As a thank you to the HC mamas, I will stock more squishy cup custom slots early next week.