… has been spent coughing.  And coughing.  And coughing.  I have some kind of bronchial spasm going on, along with a double ear infection.  Swell.  But it gives me an excuse to hole up with a pot of tea, some old movies, and my knitting!

Here are some Stripey Socks knit from Noro Silk Garden.  I learned how to make jogless stripes, and stripes in ribbing without leaving those little stray colored bumps in the purl section of ribbing.  Cool!  But, winter is sneaking away rather quickly, and these are some thick, warm socks, so I started on some bamboo socks in a beautiful orange/rust/pink colorway dyed by my friend Rebecca at Vinca Leaf.

The pattern I’m using is Hedera.  Hopefully it will be cool and lacy!