So, we’ve been building a deck. I’m still working on pottery during the week, and then on weekends we are supposed to be building this deck.

Just so you get an idea, the deck was supposed to be my Mother’s Day present.

We got the building permit in early June.

We got the footings dug and lumber delivered in early July.

Mike and the kids poured footings, installed posts and started to install beams a week later. I had them remove the beams and showed Mike how to use a water level to get the beams LEVEL this time 🙄 and helped him re-install them.

This weekend we were going to work on joists and headers and stairs! We worked really hard yesterday and got 3/4 of the joists in. Then John cut his arm on a joist hanger. Off to the E.R.! Quit for the day.

Today (sunday) it’s raining. GRR.

I’d invite you to come see our new deck….it should be done sometime in 2009…..