Well, I dragged myself in at 12:00 midnight and came out at 4:30 a.m.  My knee was swollen and hurt sooo bad!  The dr. took x-rays and tried to aspirate fluid but didn’t get anything.  He did numb the area first.  He said it was bursitis, or “water on the knee.”  Sent me home with crutches, vicodin (yay) and told me to take 800 mg of motrin 4x a day (boo, my stomach!).

Well I still couldn’t sleep at night for the pain, which got worse last night, so I followed up at the orthopedist’s.  He took more xrays, then took a needle and tried to get fluid out.  WITHOUT numbing the area!  But my knee was hurting so bad I didn’t notice.  He said “You want to see what I got out of your knee?”  20 cc’s of cloudy yellow pee looking fluid :-P  Wow.  Now I don’t feel so bad whining about the pain in my knee!!!  He said I should feel immediate relief.  I did.  But he didn’t say TEMPORARY relief.  Because a couple of hours later it started ACHING again.  *sigh*.  The vicodin actually worked this time though.  I’m supposed to go back on Monday.

Okay, back to pottery.