Holy Crap!

 So I had a 10% off sale at my hyena shop online.   It opened at 12 noon on Tuesday.  Hyena is right!  I got trampled!  People were buying up stuff so fast that the same casserole got sold 3 times.  I’m not sure how that happened, but it happened to several items.  I guess the computer couldn’t keep up or something?  Anyway, everyone was great and very understanding as I contacted people to let them know their item had been sold to a previous buyer.  They are so great over there.

 And now my cupboard is bare!  I have a couple of soap dishes, a lone piggy, a dog treat jar, some platters and a bowl.  LOL.  And nothing to put in my etsy shop.  Sorry Etsy shop!

The downside is that now I have about 30 boxes to pack and ship by Friday evening!!!  Crikey!  With this injured knee (spent Monday night in the ER and Mike was in Europe so no help there) it’s going to be quite a feat.  Because you know NOBODY will wrap my packages the right way except yours truly, the control freak.

 Oh- I forgot to report on my Jamestown show- I did really well there, too!