Do you have your costumes planned out?  I have mine- it’s called “relaxing at home with my sweatpants on.”   I must be getting old- I just don’t go all out any more like I have so many Halloweens before.  No more homemade costumes for the kids.  No more elaborate Jack O Lantern wroks of art.  About 5 years ago I suddenly decided to turn the whole bottom floor and garage into a haunted house for any trick or treaters that were brave enough to enter!  I don’t even want to think about all the work that went into setting up and tearing down that mess.

Here are the first Halloween costumes I ever made as a mom… 19 years ago!















This year, I have been busy making these pumpkin mugs and that’s about it for Halloween prep.




Here it is the night before the big day, and we haven’t even carved pumpkins yet!  Those are on the agenda for tomorrow, along with apple picking (since Katie’s boyfriend missed our last apple picking session a couple of weeks ago) and candy-giving-away-ing (and eating).  If I get really ambitious we might crank out a batch of caramel apples.

I’m looking forward to an evening of spoopy movies and seeing all the neighborhood kids’ great costumes!  I hope your Halloween is equally as enjoyable.  🙂

[According to Katie, the word “spoopy” is the new, hip, cuter version of “spooky.”]