I have decided to take some time to step back and do some revamping of RSE. There are two reasons forĀ this. One, to take a look at my business model and make a few changes in how I manage the company. Two, to reawaken my creativity which has gradually taken a back seat to production over the 11 years I have been in business.

Because of this, I will not be taking any orders for an extended length of time. Any previous orders that have been finalized will still be honored, and I will continue to stock my etsy shop periodically. I have a small coop/preorder scheduled for late summer that will still take place (through The Squirmie Worm on facebook), however, I will not be attending any shows this summer, and I will not do the holiday custom order this year.

Since creativity is an imprecise thing, I cannot put a definite date on when I will bring RSE back to full throttle again, but I do plan on doing so, hopefully by this time next year.

Thank you to all my customers and friends!