This month is RSE’s 10th birthday!  Can you believe it?


Also, it’s CUSTOM ORDER TIME!  This is my annual Holiday Custom Order event.  I have some new items in my catalog that can be found on this page.  They are so new I don’t have photos of all of them yet, but I will add them to the catalog as soon as I pull them from the kiln.

And of course I have to do something special for RSE’s birthday, so how does FREE SHIPPING sound?  Good, right?  I wish I could give ALL of you free shipping, but I would hardly break even then, so we will draw one of RSE’s custom orders to receive free shipping on that order.  To be eligible, just place your custom order and, if I have to go to a lottery style system because of too many orders, you’ll need to be one of the lucky names drawn, of course.  Then before orders start going out, I will have someone do an official random drawing of all customers’ names, and the person who is drawn won’t have to pay shipping!  Yay!

The newsletter is going out momentarily.  If you missed it though, you can find it on this page.

Happy Customs Planning!