Last week I gave a brief synopsis of the end of our summer.  And I believe I promised something from Rising Sun Earthworks?

Thanks to our everloving knucklehead of a dog, I am finding myself needing to raise some funds.  Apparently he must have eaten a rotten $1K squirrel and, though he appeared at death’s door on Tuesday night, the next morning he was bouncing off the walls so obnoxiously that the vet’s office called bright and early for me to “Please come get Georgie.”


So, to help a bit with those medical costs, I will be putting up a coupon code in my Etsy shop for 15% off.  This coupon code will be valid until Sunday, September 22.  This includes everything in the shop- I’ve loaded it with some glaze to order goodies, and I’m also debuting two new items!  One is a wine chiller-slash-utensil holder-slash-vase.  These are really versatile pieces:


The other pieces is a cute little item that I’ve been asked a lot to make- I just never took the time to sit down and make them!  Sponge holders!



And that’s the big news at RSE!  Oh!  I almost forgot-  The code is Georgie. ;)

Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 2.42.47 PM