I’m even more excited that I have a whole summer free ahead of me!

First some photos from the show.  My booth:


Another view:


Other side:


Katie and her best friend were a big help to me setting up and tearing down, and seemed to have a lot of fun, too:


As for the rest of the summer, we have lots of fun things planned.  First, John is going off to scout camp for a week and Katie and I are going to transform his room as a surprise.  I painted his room like this when he was about 9 years old  (look at that cheek chub!  LOL!):


We are going to surprise the kids with a Green Day concert in a couple of weeks, and then we head off on a road trip to D.C.  When we get back, I will hopefully have found my French Bulldog puppy that I have been searching for since the beginning of the year!  Yay!