I see I have neglected this blog again!  I took most of August off from the studio which was very much appreciated.  Here is what’s been going on:

1.  Visited San Francisco and my sister- and brother-in-law, Kathy and Matt, and their kids Adam and Emily.

2.  Sent Katie off to college!

3.  DH (Mike) and John were crashed into on the highway in the middle of Providence.

4.  Just had an emergency vet visit for Georgie the Garbage Dog.


1:  San Francisco

These things happened:


photo 971807_10200898791925538_267883835_n


2:  Sent Katie off to college

It’s been a week and a half and I miss my buddy!


Katie and her roommate, Tessa!  Katie is majoring in pre-veterinary science and Tessa in Engineering.  They are high school buddies.

3:  Car accident

Move along, move along… nothing to see here…  They got sideswiped by a Lexus with two giggling hispanic women who didn’t speak a word of English.  Luckily the damage was cosmetic- although the whole side of the car is scraped up- and the women had insurance.  AND our insurance will pay for a rental car!  YAY USAA!

4:  Georgie the Garbage Dog and his sleepover at the emergency vet’s office

Wow- what an expensive night!

On Monday night, Georgie had a little “strokish” episode.  He came in from his last potty of the night, and just froze there for a few minutes, head and tail pointing to the ground.  Really strange position for him.  After a couple of minutes he gradually came out of it, and after maybe 5 minutes he was absolutely fine.  We didn’t think anything more about it.

On Tuesday morning, he went running with his pack at Petscort Services as usual- he has a ball and gets a good amount of exercise.  I mentioned the episode to the owner, and she said he seemed fine during his playgroup session.  He ate a late breakfast and I didn’t really notice anything until Mike came home at 5 and we noticed that Georgie was laying down in the backyard, head down, instead of constantly searching the trees for squirrels like he usually does.  We couldn’t coax him into the house until it got dark.  I offered him some cheese which (GASP) he refused!  A first in all his 9.5 years!  So I took his temp.  104.8.  Called the vet.  They said to bring him to the emergency vet’s immediately.  CBC was 28,000.  A normal white blood cell count is 5,000 to 17,000.  Xrays were fine- no blockages or foreign bodies that they could see.  They kept him overnight so the ultrasound tech could take a look at him in the morning.  Ultrasound clear, CBC and temp back to normal, he was bouncing off the walls, barking up a storm, so they called me to PLEASE COME GET HIM.  He’s fine now, with a funky haircut and WHEW is he STINKY!!!!

I just now picked him up:


Pretty proud of yourself there, are you Georgie boy AKA faking faker AKA trick sick dog?

…..psst- I think RSE is going to have a little fundraising sale or some discount coupons or something in the next week or so– stay tuned!  But for now, I have a dog to wash.  :P