I’ve been quiet on the blog recently- I was wrapping up two preorders and that kept me pretty busy up until the twins’ 18th birthday on Saturday!  What fun that was!  They designed their own cake:



They invited a bunch of friends, and they wanted to have a “bunch of dumb party games” so they played “doughnut on a string”


Volleyball (maybe not dumb but that’s the sport of choice at Casa Gonzalez).


The old classic “pass the orange” game:


And a bunch more.  What was really perfect about this day is that despite nothing but rain for the week’s forecast- including this day- for some unknown reason the clouds parted and the twins had a nice sunny day that lasted exactly as long as their party!  Then it rained again.

Then came MY birthday two days later.  I turned 50.  Gulp!  This is the first milestone birthday that really hit me.  I’m getting old!