Yes, it’s another preorder!  This time we are doing compost pails (some of my customers use them for cookie jars), butter crocks, and again, the ever popular squishy cups!  Hurry though, it ends on April 22 and numbers are limited!  You can sign up here:

The Squirmie Worm- a forum for group buys

The compost pails are versatile 1.5 to 2 quart pots with lids and copper handles that are great to keep by the kitchen sink for food scraps to take out to the garden later.  They are also great for storing cookies, dog food, dry food items, and many other items.  I can make them with a plain handle, or a cute toadstool one!


And then we have butter crocks!  These are clever little lidded pots that keep your butter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration.  Just put a little water in the bottom, pack butter into the lid, and it creates an airtight seal that keeps your butter fresh for a couple of weeks!

red butter crock a

And of course, squishy cups are available again, in child and adult sizes!