It’s no secret that I love animals.  I’m a little bit crazy about all kinds of animals, except maybe hamsters.  ;)   We have had a lot of pets:

Darn, I couldn’t fit Roth, Simon, Gris Gris, Poe, Boi Boi, Precious, Sparklefairy, Stephen, Montoya, Dolly, Bunny, Kimi, Shohko, Elmo, Orville and the rest of the crew in there!  Sorry, guys!  ;)

I also love to hear about other people’s pets.  I can talk pets all day, every day, much to my husband’s dismay.    And, because the definition of “pet” is “an animal treated with care and affection,”  I would like to give away this heart bowl in honor of our beloved pets:

I think a heart is the perfect symbol of “care and affection.”

It’s a good size and perfect for feeding or watering anything up to a medium sized dog!  I’m too lazy this morning to get up and measure it, but I’m going to guess it holds 3 to 4 cups.

All you have to do is tell me what pets you have, or used to have (and tell me their names, too!) in the comments below.  If you are pet-deprived (you poor thing!) just say so- you will still get a chance to win this bowl, and you can use it to feed and water yourself!

I will use a random number generator to choose the winner on Wednesday, March 13.  Winners in the US will receive this heart absolutely free!  International winners will receive the heart bowl free, and I will cover $12 of shipping, but the winner must pay for the remaining shipping charge.

Good luck!


And the winner is:  #27- Dana!

If you’d still like to share your pet stories, I’d love to hear them!