Katie’s boss, who is also our CSA farmer, is an amazing woman.  She is the hardest working person I know.  She runs an organic farm with her family and is so busy with all the things that farm life entails, yet is always cheerful and seems to have a good time doing it. Her family owns Simmons Farm in Middletown, RI.

She took a chance on Katie this spring, taking her under her wing and started teaching her all the aspects that go into dairy production, teaching her how to milk the goats and cows and how to handle the milk in a safe and hygenic manner.  It is a tough, back breaking job, and it’s hard to know if a dewy eyed teenager who “just loves animals” is going to bail as soon as she gets slapped across the face with a cow tail full of unpleasantness, or with the harsher realities of farm life.

She has been so kind and understanding and such a good friend to Katie, that Katie tells me she thinks of her as her “second mom,” which I think is fantastic- I couldn’t hope for a better role model for my daughter!

To show her our appreciation, I wanted to make her a special Christmas present- so I made her a mug, and I tried to cram in as many of the farm animals and pets there at the farm as I could.  I know I missed a bunch- sorry guys!  But here are the ones I did manage to get in there.

So here’s Dolly Llama and some sheep:

Turn it a bit and see the three Jerseys (Olive, Ruby and Emma) and some chickens:

Turn it to the other side, and there are some goats, Jak and Skye the border collies, and Willow, the hilarious potbellied pig.

Jak adores Katie.  Here’s a video of him, and Skye makes a brief appearance (I had to take this off of Katie’s facebook, so privacy settings may not allow you to view this.  We will try to correct this ASAP).

And Willow, doing what she does best.  Snoozing.

Thanks for looking!  We love you, Karla!