Once in a long while, something comes out of the kiln that I have a hard time sending off.  It happened again.  I had a customer order a bunch of piggy banks- here are some of them:

Green Lantern Pig:

That upraised hoof has the ring on it.

This one was hard;  she wanted a rabbit pig, but I didn’t think the idea of “rabbit” would translate well when there is still a big cork in the nose.  So I suggested a pig in a rabbit suit.  The pig-in-rabbit-suit was glazed to match their pet rabbit:

I gave her little buttons down the front of her suit:

So, these are a couple of the banks…. but two others really captured my heart.

One was this baker pig:

She suggested I put a couple of cookies on his back.  Great idea!

But my favorite, and I am having a VERY hard time sending him on to his new home, is Pirate Pig!

A seafaring pig needs a compass rose:

And a map where X marks the spot:

And what self respecting pirate goes anywhere without his peg leg?

He has the Jolly Roger on his tricorn hat:

…  did you catch that?  I couldn’t help it.  I painted a tiny portrait of the H.M.S. Bounty on his right side :’( :

Avast, have a safe voyage and may the wind always be at your sails, me little piglet!