Hi everyone!

Just thought I would let you know what is up with customs.  I was hoping to start sending them out early this week, but as it happens, my kiln decided to blow an element during the first firing of all the custom orders.  It was so bad, it burned holes through my fire brick!  I do have some snaps I took with my cell phone;  I always take a photo of the wiring before working on the kiln as I don’t trust my terrible memory to get the wires put back together correctly.  So here are the elements- can you tell which is the old one and which one is the replacement?  ;)


I actually had to chip some of the melted element out of my kiln wall.  I hated doing that to my pristine kiln wall!

Here is the inside of the control panel.  Pretty simple wiring, but it’s always better to have a photo to refer to!


Hopefully my repair worked well, as there is now a glaze firing in progress.  Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and that I have some photos of customs up here in a couple of days!

Thanks so much, and sorry for the delay- I will be working a few extra hours a day to get back on schedule, and I allowed myself a couple of weeks buffer time, so don’t worry- you’ll get your goodies in plenty of time for the holidays!