Wow- I’ve kept my mouth shut for a whole 2 weeks!  Okay, maybe not on Facebook, but I’m starting to see cobwebs here and I’m not sure if it’s because of the season or the lack of posting!

I’ve been busily at work at your custom orders (thanks again!) and will be busy up until December, getting your goodies ready in time for the holidays.  Apart from a few items I had ready and shipped out immediately, the first packages will be going out early next week!

That is not to say I haven’t taken a break now and again to enjoy the beautiful fall weather here in New England- here are some recent photos!

These first two were taken during my son’s Eagle Scout project, on the path to the canal he was rebuilding.  Before and after:


Yes, it really is the same canal!  Some other fall pics:

These wild turkeys think they run the place!  They won’t get out of the way!

And finally, we went to our beloved Simmons Farm’s pig roast fundraiser, and I took a rather gruesome photo, so for those of you with fine sensibilites, I include a link to the photo so you won’t be surprised by it:

Roasted Pig photo