Wow, I’m getting about an order a day this month. I’m up to 30+ orders and the first ones are starting to get shipped out. It feels so good to be getting these orders, and even better to be shipping them to their new homes! I’ll have to stop taking orders at the end of the month, though, to get ready for my two upcoming shows.

My ancient wheel started vibrating something awful, and it’s been getting louder and louder over the years. It never was very quiet…. Anyway, Mike took it apart and the belt has about 6 giant cracks in it- no wonder! LOL! He said the mechanism is so very simple that it will be forever fixable, which is good- I won’t ever HAVE to buy another wheel. Then again, it would be nice to have a splash pan I can actually clean, and this wheel doesn’t go slow enough nor fast enough for me. As I mentioned before, it’s LOUD, too. But it works. That’s important!