^ This chick! ^

She laid her first pair exactly a month ago.  The eggs take anywhere roughly from 65 to 120 days to hatch depending on temperature, so I expect in a few weeks we will begin to hear the “schwucka schwucka” of little sticky feet.  Methinks we may be overrun with baby geckos.

This is Katie’s senior project, breeding crested geckos, which was started 6-8 months early because of the time it takes from initial introduction to actual hatching.

This is dad:

He’s a dalmatian.  He’s missing a tail, because this species will drop its tail when provoked, but does not grow it back.  He dropped it at some point before coming to us, but he gets along just fine without it.

Here is the first set of progeny:

Katie hasn’t named them yet.  I offered up “Humpty” and “Dumpty,” but I don’t think she liked my suggetion much.  They are dirty here from being laid in sphagnum moss.  They always lay eggs in pairs, about a month apart.  I’m pretty excited about this project… stay tuned for baby pics, hopefully!

JULY 2:  UPDATE:  Well, a third pair was laid June 28.  No babies yet, but the first pair of eggs look more like golf balls now than the elongated shape like in the photo above, which was over 2 months ago.  Still waiting!