You’re kidding me!

The remodel I have been wanting since 2000, the year we moved into this 1960′s raised ranch house with nice-sized but homemade (and butt ugly) 1960′s kitchen, has suddenly been moved from late June to early May by my darling hubby.  And instead of cries of joy he got a spluttering “but..but..but…” from me, his ever ungrateful wife.

See, I was planning on sending out a newsletter to take another big batch of custom orders at the end of April.  I was taking April to get a bunch of show inventory built up.  Now I won’t have time to do a big chunk of customs!  What to do… what to do….  keep an eye out, because I may jump the gun and blow off my inventory and put out a customs call now… but I am still pondering for the moment.

For now, for your entertainment, here are some of the lovelier features of the current kitchen:


The cabinet we had to cut to fit a dishwasher in.  Hubby used a “sawzall.”  Now I love power tools as much as the next DIY girl, but those things scare me.  And they aren’t exactly good for fine finish work.  Darnit, you chipped my gorgeous formica counter edge!  Note the highly functional plastic “drawer” replacing the old drawer!  Incidentally, all the drawers in this kitchen are boxes that slide on wood slats.  So every time you open and close a drawer, the contents below get a fine dusting of sawdust.  Nice.


Another built-in-place cabinet we had to remove to get a real oven in there.  Note the exposed sub-floor with 1/2 inch gaps.  Very convenient for talking to people in the garage below.


And the crowning touch- the commemorative plaque which reads “HDS 1965.”  Old Harold S. was the original owner of the house and didn’t want anyone to forget it.  I love the way it sets off the highly decorative cornice, don’t you?  Hmm- I never noticed how hideous that light sconce was.  But, I do remember the time I got shocked near out of my skin when I was soaking my daughter’s lizard in the stainless steel sink (don’t ask) and reached up to turn the bloody thing on!  It hasn’t been touched since. And that lizard hasn’t been quite right since, either…


How could I forget the most memorable detail of our kitchen!  We had one of these in the living room and boy, was it so much fun to tear out…

Yes folks, no kitchen would be complete without the GLUED ON STYROFOAM RAILROAD TIE on the ceiling!


Yes, this one, and the one in the other room, run full length through the kitchen and dining area.  And below you can see where hubby smacked it with a hammer to prove it was styrofoam.  When I put up wallpaper I wasn’t quite ready to tackle the entire “beam,” so I just hacked a bit of it away.  But it will soon all be going bye-bye.  Good bye, faux styrofoam ceiling railroad tie!