This weekend I loaded the kiln to do a bisque firing, and when I went down to check on it, the breaker had gone off.  I figured it had to do with a certain someone-who-shall-remain-nameless but whose name starts with K and ends with atie who blew a circuit breaker blow drying her hair in the bathroom with the hair iron and Lord knows what else plugged in and running at the same time.

So, I reset the breaker, reset the kiln and went to bed.  In the morning, the breaker was off again, but the stuff in the kiln *looked* done.

I unloaded the kiln.  Then got to thinking the stuff didn’t quite *feel* done.  It was just a matter of experience, I guess.  I loaded the kiln back up.

My wonderful spouse ran to the Depot, got a new breaker, installed it, and I started the kiln.  This morning, success!  I asked him “why does this stuff always happen when I’m in the throes of a huge mess of orders and just trying to get stuff done before a deadline?”  He replied, “You are always in the throes of trying to get a bunch of stuff done.”