Yesterday’s harvest.  I think this says it all.

I just found out that the kids’ summer break has been extended one day thanks to Irene.

We had a great summer, ending with a trip to visit my in-laws in Chicago (Hi Grammy and Toto!).  We rushed back just in time to batten down for Hurricane Irene, and the only casualties we had were the food in the freezer since we were without power for more than a day.  We count ourselves very lucky as the same cannot be said for thousands of others.

Soon RSE will be buckling down again, filling up inventory for upcoming shows (next show is my favorite- the Norman Bird Sanctuary Harvest Festival, Oct. 1 and 2).  Also coming right around the same time- I will start taking custom orders for the holidays!  So keep your eyes open and make sure you are on my newsletter list if you have plans for an RSE Christmas :D.