I cleaned out the little pond!  It was p.r.e.t.t.y. n.a.s.t.y.  It’s about 300 gallons and I hadn’t cleaned it the last two years (I usually clean it out every year or two). I didn’t think to take a before picture, but here it is after removing all the plants, about 50 pounds of string algae and a third of the water (with a shop vac, one vacuum full at a time):

And more:

Too bad I can’t capture the smell..

Here is some of what we vacuumed out:

We shoved all the plants and the critters (2 fish- we couldn’t find Mr. Frog :( ) into this 150 gallon rubbermaid stock tank:

including this monster lily that had jumped its pot and was growing rogue in the crap in the bottom of the pond (I included my foot for reference):

After 3 hours and the twins helping, we finally got the pond empty, some of the algae scraped off the sides, and started to fill it again (still didn’t come across Mr. Frog):

As the pond was filling, I was cleaning up around it, and there was a green blur that shot out from the tall grass by the fence!  Guess who landed in the pond?

I guess he couldn’t take much more than 3 hours without the water.  It was hot.  I’m surprised he lasted that long!  Not 5 minutes after he hit the water, he started singing again.

Done!  It isn’t the prettiest pond- I originally built it for the kids to put the goldfish they won at the fair, or turtles or frogs that they caught, and my extra lilies.  It’s been great for them to putter around in.

Mr. Frog is quite happy to be back in his digs.  He’s the tamest frog ever to move in to our little pond: