Hi all.  Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately.  I’m trying to build up enough inventory to bring to my first show of the year,  The UCC fair in Little Compton, RI.  A kiln misfire and two rather complicated dog surgeries (one of whom has had to revisit the vet twice so far to replace stitches he has ripped out) have made this rather difficult.

I just completed two rounds of customs, took pics of some of the highlights, and then one of my lovely children deleted them from the camera!  But I did download this pic- one of my favorites- an order from a customer with an amazing sense of humor!

She also ordered a compost pot that says “Spoiled Rotten.”  LOL!

Here is the Buzz Lightyear pig all finished- luckily his new owner took a few snaps for me:

Okay, back to my 7 day a week, 10 hour a day panic attack to get this inventory filled up again!