Rising Sun Earthwork’s precious mascot Russell is having surgery, and I’m a wreck.  I’m trying to work but at the moment I’m having lunch and my mind is wandering…

The surgery is a tricky one- a laser soft palate resection.  The vet (a specialist has visited the clinic to perform the surgery) cuts out some of Russell’s soft palate with a laser which cauterizes the wound.  He needed this surgery because he was having trouble breathing and would vomit frequently during hot weather or exertion, which indicated his soft palate was too long and obstructing his airway.  It’s a common problem in smooshy faced dogs. :(

So I just thought I would blog a little about it to pass the time while I eat my panini.


Russell got to come home last night and ate a small meal of soft food.  He was in great spirits!  This morning he’s feeling sore and sorry for himself and couldn’t keep the soft food down so I made him a batch of ground turkey and rice and that seems to be sitting well!  My poor baby!  The vet said his palate was really blocking the airway so hopefully this will make him much more comfortable once he heals!