…heck- do yourself a favor and check out this band:


We saw them opening for Third Eye Blind in Providence on Sunday.  I believe the opening band was supposed to be U.S. Royalty, but they had to cancel.  And wow- we were blown away by Zander Bleck.  These guys are amazing!

They are rising stars, and I predict they will be rising quickly… I’m not a music expert by far; most of what I know comes from being a garage band mom, but I just wanted to point them out to you all.  The show was so full of ebullience and energy and you could tell they were thrilled to be performing for the sold-out crowd.  It didn’t hurt that Zander and company are, as my teenage daughter said, “Hawt.”  I’m not speaking as a cougar here.  It’s just that Katie’s enthusiasm has a tendency to, um, rub off on me, LOL.  Switching to mom-mode:  “They are a group of very talented, attractive young men.”  There.  God forbid I should embarrass anyone.

Anyway, check them out; and when they are playing on the radio umpteen times a day, remember that I told you about them first!  :D