Hi everyone- how is your summer going? Things are going well in RSE-land.  I am wrapping up the squishy cup preorder which went very well.

I do need to talk about customs which I had mentioned a while back- that I was hoping to do a big batch of customs for the holidays but wasn’t sure at the time if  I could squeeze them in.  Well, it looks like I may not be able to do a full-fledged giant batch of orders like I have done in the past.  I have had a few big animal club awards orders come in and that won’t leave me much time for customs.


One of my favorite awards I have done.


ACBA, or the American Cavy Breeders Association, gave me a big push over 10 years ago when they started ordering awards for their guinea pig shows.  At the time I also bred and showed cavies so the club members and friends wanted to support my business.  As time went on, they continued to support me, even after I had to finally make a decision between my cavy hobby and my pottery, due to demands on my time (obviously pottery won).  I am very appreciative of this, and have always made their awards orders a priority in my studio. Specialty awards

My first batch of awards orders… kind of embarrassing to see these now!


This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all my other customers as well!  What I am going to try to do, that a lot of other work-at-home moms and artisans do, is start offering “custom slots” in my etsy shop.  For a small deposit, you secure a spot to order something (or a number of things) from my catalog and we work out details and colors and timeline after that slot is purchased. I hope to start offering these after I am completely finished with the squishies and they have all gone off to their new homes; there are a couple of straggling orders I hope to get out in about two weeks.  I will make a post on my Facebook page every time I put up one of these customs slots.

Have a happy rest of your summer!