Update:  Preorder is full!  Thank you everyone!



I will be taking orders for squishy cups starting June 1!

Here is the facebook link:  Squishy cups

For those of you not on facebook, here are the details:

STARTING MONDAY, June 1, I will need everyone to email me their order at, and include this information:

Name on the Paypal account
Name on Facebook
Paypal email
Correspondence email (if different from Paypal email)
Zip code (or country)
Number of squishy cups ordered, including sizes and glazes.

Glaze choices are here:

Child squishy cups hold approximately 8 ounces and are $9 each.

Adult squishy cups hold approximately 14 ounces and are $14 each.

There will be no minimum and no maximum per person. We have an upper limit of 150 items, and this preorder will close in two weeks on June 14. Then invoices will be sent with a due date of June 21, at which point work will begin. You will be invoiced separately for shipping once the items are completed – approximately 4-6 weeks from the original payment due date.

IMPORTANT! Shipping: If you do not live in the US, you might want to get a shipping estimate before placing your order, as international shipping for larger packages has gone up quite a bit recently. I can ship up to 4 pounds by International First Class which is not (quite) as pricey: 5 child sized packed, or 3 (possibly 4) adult size packed should weigh in at under 4 pounds.

I’ll be happy to provide shipping estimates no matter where you live! If you live in the US and order 1 squishy, you may be paying the same amount for shipping, so it makes sense to stock up 😉

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by using the email address above. Thank you!