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Parade of Pigs 2013

I am finishing up all those custom orders and I had two customers order a BUNCH of piggy banks!  I thought it would be fun to take a photo of them all together… so here they are!

IMG_8276 IMG_8278 IMG_8279

From left to right, in no particular order, we have My Chemical Romance/Goth pig, Les Miserables/Jean Valjean pig (this one is actually Katie’s), Doctor Who pigs Ten and Eleven, Alex pig from A Clockwork Orange, Aviator pig, Pirate pig, Hellboy pig, Octonauts pig, Hobbit pig, Princess pig and Poe pig.


Here they are from behind:

IMG_8280 IMG_8281 IMG_8282

And details from some of my favorites!

My Chemical Romance pig.  I gave him a pasty Goth kind of complexion with some smeared eyeliner:


The recipient of this pig loves their Black Parade album especially, so I put a gothy parade uniform on him and I gave him a tattoo.


One of the Doctor Who pigs.


He’s holding a sonic screwdriver- this is #10.


One of my favorites- Aviator pig!


He has a scarf blowing back and a tattoo of some aviator wings.


And here is Octonauts pig, for a fan of the children’s TV show.


I thought I’d give him a tentacle instead of a tail, LOL.


I also especially like Hobbit pig.  He’s wearing the Precious in his ear since he doesn’t have fingers, heh heh.  He has a hobbit door in his side.


Some Elven script on his side, and he doesn’t go anywhere without his pipe!


And finally, Poe pig, who was in the wet clay stage a few posts back.  Here he is finished!


He has some Poe-ish quotes on his sides and keeps his telltale heart under the floorboards.



Thanks for looking!  This was an especially challenging and fun group of pigs!  Please wish them safe travels to their new homes!

Rhonda B!


You were customer #14 on my list, and the random number generator chose you!
Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 7.54.18 AM

Thank you to all who sent in orders last month, and thank you for helping me celebrate 10 years of RSE.  I am humbled by the kind response my pottery has received over the years- thank you everybody!

Rhonda, since I have already sent out your package, I will send you a refund immediately.  And to everyone, I apologize for not doing this drawing sooner- I was so anxious to dive into these orders that it completely slipped my mind!