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RSE remembers and is grateful.

I would like to take a moment to honor those who have made sacrifices, large and small, to keep our great country free and proud.  I’d like to thank all soldiers, veterans, and their spouses for all they have given.

For the rest of this weekend, there will be a coupon code active in my shop for 10% off your entire purchase (see bottom of this post).  This doesn’t happen very often, but I decided to do this for my monthly promotion in honor of Memorial Day.  I have also listed over 25 items so that there will be an assortment of items available to take advantage of this sale.





To save 10% on your purchase at my etsy shop:, please enter the code

REMEMBER2013 at checkout.  This coupon code expires at midnight, Monday, May 27, 2013.  Thank you.

Luna’s Gate is a congo shop at  And here is a little taste of what I will have there!





I hope to see you there! –>


Hi everyone!  I’m going a little crazy with preorders this spring.  Now happening- an itty bitty dippy dish preorder!


These are tiny little dishes that hold about 3 tablespoons of dip, ketchup, soy sauce, or maybe premeasured spices for cooking!  They are left unglazed on the outside and glazed only on the inside because I love the contrast of the earthy, sandy texture of the clay against the contrast of the smooth colorful glazes within.


While usually I make the square ones available year round and the heart shaped ones only during Valentine’s Day, enough of my dear friends and customers have requested them that I am going to make them for this preorder only!


Here is the facebook link to order:

Hurry!  Orders are being taken until May 15, with payment due May 17, but I will only make a limited number so when it fills up, we will have to close the preorder.