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Congratulations to Melissa who posted the 23rd comment!  She wins the squishy cup!  Thanks for entering, everyone!


Do you have any resolutions for the new year?  It’s almost 2013 and I want to change a few things in my life.

As I fill out a whole year of tax information (instead of monthly or quarterly)– after working all day yesterday I got through May <red face> <hanging head in shame>–  my first resolution is this:

1.  Get tax information filled out quarterly at the very least.

Also I really fell hard off the diet/exercise wagon last year, so I have the very predicable and boring:

2.  Start eating healthy and exercising again.

My 2012 working schedule was either FullSteamAheadWork12HoursADayPanicMode; or I avoided the mud for days, even weeks at a time.  This year I’m going to try for:

3.  Slow (as in not overwhelming) but steady working hours.

And finally, just for fun,

4.  Try to do more fun things (contests, drawings, sales) for my customers, blog readers and facebook followers this year!


Sooo, let’s start with this:

Win this squishy cup!

The squishy cup came about when a dear customer of mine asked for me to design some type of cup that would be easy for her small children to hold.   After playing around with a few prototypes, I tried throwing a very round form and squishing in 4 sides to create grabbable dents and bulges in the cup, and tada!  the squishy cup was born!  They have become quite popular with the RSE crowd- for adults and children alike.

RSE squishy cups hold approximately 6-8 ounces.  This one is glazed beach outside and clear inside.  My “beach” glaze is a sandy colored glaze with ocean blue accents and sometimes little flat aqua crystals form in the glaze.

Leave a comment telling us what your biggest/most interesting resolution is, or if you are even making any resolutions this year, and on January 2 I will randomly draw a winner and send them this squishy cup with free postage within the US, or with $10 off of postage to anywhere else.  Comments may take a while before they show up.  One comment per customer, please!

Check back here to see if you’ve won, and good luck to all who enter!


A gift for a special lady!

Katie’s boss, who is also our CSA farmer, is an amazing woman.  She is the hardest working person I know.  She runs an organic farm with her family and is so busy with all the things that farm life entails, yet is always cheerful and seems to have a good time doing it. Her family owns Simmons Farm in Middletown, RI.

She took a chance on Katie this spring, taking her under her wing and started teaching her all the aspects that go into dairy production, teaching her how to milk the goats and cows and how to handle the milk in a safe and hygenic manner.  It is a tough, back breaking job, and it’s hard to know if a dewy eyed teenager who “just loves animals” is going to bail as soon as she gets slapped across the face with a cow tail full of unpleasantness, or with the harsher realities of farm life.

She has been so kind and understanding and such a good friend to Katie, that Katie tells me she thinks of her as her “second mom,” which I think is fantastic- I couldn’t hope for a better role model for my daughter!

To show her our appreciation, I wanted to make her a special Christmas present- so I made her a mug, and I tried to cram in as many of the farm animals and pets there at the farm as I could.  I know I missed a bunch- sorry guys!  But here are the ones I did manage to get in there.

So here’s Dolly Llama and some sheep:

Turn it a bit and see the three Jerseys (Olive, Ruby and Emma) and some chickens:

Turn it to the other side, and there are some goats, Jak and Skye the border collies, and Willow, the hilarious potbellied pig.

Jak adores Katie.  Here’s a video of him, and Skye makes a brief appearance (I had to take this off of Katie’s facebook, so privacy settings may not allow you to view this.  We will try to correct this ASAP).

And Willow, doing what she does best.  Snoozing.

Thanks for looking!  We love you, Karla!