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The vendors at Universal Mama are excited about the grand re-opening of Universal Mama’s new stand-alone website!

Come join us for our August theme “Apple Harvest,” browse and shop our vendors at their etsy shops, and don’t forget to enter our scavenger hunt!  Details are on our blog.

And here’s a little sneak peek at one of my apple-inspired items, “Apple Blossoms:”

We’ve moved!  Our new website is, and to celebrate, we are going to have a scavenger hunt during the first three days of August!  Check the blog on our new website for details, and happy hunting!


RSE is moving.

Due to the recent virus issues at Hyenacart, Rising Sun Earthworks will be moving with Universal Mama to a new standalone site.

During this move, I will be offering items regularly at my Etsy shop.  Items will be stocked at random times- no more waiting for a set stocking time!

There is a new link to what is available, over there at the bottom of  the right sidebar —>

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition!



Hyenacart has been hacked!

Please do not go to hyenacart or to Universal mama as there is a malware warning up at this time. I wouldn’t want any of my friends and customers to end up with a virus on their computers!



This is a statement that we vendors at Universal Mama posted yesterday on our facebook page:

Our Dear Customers,
As many of you already know the website Hyenacart, that hosts Universal Mama’s cart system, has come under some sort of malware attack. We have to issue a warning to please refrain from shopping there until further notice. We apologize that we have items available and more going live tonight but UM admin cannot get into the system to disable them without risking our own computers to do so. So our hands are tied as to what we can do but warn you. We are terribly sorry and hope no one has had any issues arise from this unfortunate occurrence. As soon as the site has been cleared as safe, we will update again and we will proceed with rescheduling our stocking…… or if needed, we will be offering the items right here to be purchased! We are working to get an event planned as soon as possible to ensure our wonderful customers can still access all the amazing artisan of Universal Mama!
♥ Much love and Thanks~ The UM Artisans

My apologies to my customers, who I had asked to post requests for last night’s stockings.  I had stocked  Universal Mama with most of your requested items, only to be forced to take them down in order to protect you from infection from viruses resulting from this malware.  I will decide how to get these items to you soon, once the dust resulting from this new episode settles!

<3  June

Overrun with Chihuahuas!

Just completed a large awards order for a VERY patient dog club.  Luckily they were kind enough to place their order almost a year in advance, and when I started working on it with a few months to spare, one thing after another slowed down the process until we got down to the wire!  Here is a sampling!

The Birthday Weekend

The end of June is a crazy time of year in the Gonzalez household- the twins’ birthday and mine are 2 days apart!  Their birthday was Friday, but since this weekend is the America’s Cup in Newport this year (part of it, anyway), poor John had to work on his birthday, and Saturday and Sunday.  We took a cake to West Marine where he works, but he’s still exhausted and none too happy to be working!

Katie was upset to be turning 17, but was wishing with all her heart she could be 13 again.  Also- she was a little preoccupied as her boyfriend’s baby sister was born the night before!



Yeah…. I wish I was turning 13, too!  Heck, I’d settle for 23, really.