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^ This chick! ^

She laid her first pair exactly a month ago.  The eggs take anywhere roughly from 65 to 120 days to hatch depending on temperature, so I expect in a few weeks we will begin to hear the “schwucka schwucka” of little sticky feet.  Methinks we may be overrun with baby geckos.

This is Katie’s senior project, breeding crested geckos, which was started 6-8 months early because of the time it takes from initial introduction to actual hatching.

This is dad:

He’s a dalmatian.  He’s missing a tail, because this species will drop its tail when provoked, but does not grow it back.  He dropped it at some point before coming to us, but he gets along just fine without it.

Here is the first set of progeny:

Katie hasn’t named them yet.  I offered up “Humpty” and “Dumpty,” but I don’t think she liked my suggetion much.  They are dirty here from being laid in sphagnum moss.  They always lay eggs in pairs, about a month apart.  I’m pretty excited about this project… stay tuned for baby pics, hopefully!

JULY 2:  UPDATE:  Well, a third pair was laid June 28.  No babies yet, but the first pair of eggs look more like golf balls now than the elongated shape like in the photo above, which was over 2 months ago.  Still waiting!

A quick note to let you know that I will be selling three opportunities for made-to-order pottery tonight at Universal Mama.  Two will be buy-it-now listings, and the third will be a “second chance” lottery.  This is to mark my fifth anniversary with Universal Mama.  This is where it has all come together and made Rising Sun Earthworks Pottery a success!  I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful congomates and loyal customers!  Thank you so much!

Saturday was a glorious day at Coggeshall Farm- a living history farm set in 1799.  They do everything there  just like they did back then- from making clothes to maple sugaring to shearing, processing and spinning wool!  And that’s why I was there- for the 6th annual RI wool and fiber festival!  It was my first time vending there, and it was a great success.  My only complaint is that my booth was so mobbed, I only had the chance to dash over to another vendor and buy one skein of yarn!  Good thing for my budget- I could have really gotten into trouble if I’d had the time.  And this was the only picture I had time to take- a cell phone pic of a Very Fat Donkey:

I am excited to be attending this show for the first time.  Beautiful weather is promised, and Coggeshall farm is a charming, wonderful place to visit.  There are also bound to be extra llamas, bunnies and sheep visiting- and animals always make me happy!

Coggeshall Farm Website

Also, I wanted to let my customers know that I will be a guest vendor online at Luna’s Gate  Sunday, May 20.  The theme is “bugs” and I will have a couple of buggy items up, plus some other goodies.  I will try to get photos up today, but I may put up a couple of last minute items after the show on Saturday!

Then, on Monday the 21st, I will be having a special stocking at Universal Mama celebrating my 5th anniversary with this amazing group of women!  I will have much coveted CUSTOM SLOTS up for grabs, as well as some items that have been requested over the last few weeks- compost pots, dippy bowls and butter crocks come to mind.

I’ll be a busy little bee this weekend, to be sure.  I hope you can join me at one of these events!

Here is a yarn bowl I did especially for the show- I took a risk but love the way it came out!


What is going on these days?

Just got back from a beautiful wedding in Waxahachie, Texas.  Got to visit with my dad and my stepmom, and some of my extended family (Hi Aunt Teri and Kelly!) which was so much fun!  And brought back a lovely (sarcasm) souvenir from Texas- a wicked bad cold  (as they say in the Rhode Island parlance).  But, mom and potter duties do not stop for illness- first thing on the agenda was to get Katie to DMV for her road test.  Yup, the Gonzalez family has  another driver now- so beware!  I do have to say that after 3 days I have noticed that I have MUCH more free time:

“Oh rats!  I forgot to buy milk!”

“I’ll go get it!”

“Who’s going to pick John up from work?”

“Me!  Me!”

You get the picture.

The second thing was Junior Prom.  Having never attended a prom or dance of any sort, I neglected to order John a tux, so that was a high priority.  Luckily the local tux rental is used to dealing with procrastinators.  Then came Katie’s needs- shoes, makeup, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.  Oi.  I’ll say it again- boys are so easy.

The final thing was that I have been throwing and glazing and torching every day to get ready for the annual Rhode Island Wool and Fiber Festival (scroll down to May 19).  I am making an enormous amount of yarn bowls- plain and with sheep, flowers, and lotsa dots.  Also a bunch of sheepy mugs and some new glass items- glass buttons and stitch markers (I sent my beads to the lovely Sue of Pink Lemonade to wire them into stitch marker loops for me because I don’t “do” jewelry or metal or wire work).  If I have time, I might make some ceramic buttons as well!

So, I’ll sign off and head to the dungeon with kleenex box in hand.  If you need me, just follow the coughing, sneezing and whining sounds coming from the basement…