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I’m getting ready to do another Squishy Cup preorder at Hyena Cart, with the help of lovely host Becky!  Check in here for updates, directions, and more:

RSE Squishy Cup Preorder Thread at Hyena Cart

This time around, I will be offering adult sized (about 12-16 ounce) squishies along with the regular 6-8 ounce ones.

And here they are next to each other for a size comparison!

Thank you, and good luck!

Found this on Facebook today

It really sums up how I feel about Rising Sun Earthworks:



It’s so true!  While I might be able to keep up with demand by hiring help, I want this to be all mine.  If this means I have to turn down orders or wholesale, or skip a show or two because there is only one of me, then that is what has to happen.  This way I have my finger, my mark,  in every little aspect and every little step of my little biz.  It’s just the way I want it!

I’ve been scarce lately and I apologize.  I am currently finishing up a 100 mug preorder.  My next big project will be a 200 squishy cup preorder at probably starting April 1 (no fooling), so check there if you’re interested!  I expect they will sell out pretty quickly.


Universal Mama is having a Garden Party Monday at 10 p.m. and it really inspired me!  I’m excited about these new pieces I will be putting up later today:

I will also have a series of planters with attached saucers- just in time for spring planting!