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This weekend I loaded the kiln to do a bisque firing, and when I went down to check on it, the breaker had gone off.  I figured it had to do with a certain someone-who-shall-remain-nameless but whose name starts with K and ends with atie who blew a circuit breaker blow drying her hair in the bathroom with the hair iron and Lord knows what else plugged in and running at the same time.

So, I reset the breaker, reset the kiln and went to bed.  In the morning, the breaker was off again, but the stuff in the kiln *looked* done.

I unloaded the kiln.  Then got to thinking the stuff didn’t quite *feel* done.  It was just a matter of experience, I guess.  I loaded the kiln back up.

My wonderful spouse ran to the Depot, got a new breaker, installed it, and I started the kiln.  This morning, success!  I asked him “why does this stuff always happen when I’m in the throes of a huge mess of orders and just trying to get stuff done before a deadline?”  He replied, “You are always in the throes of trying to get a bunch of stuff done.”



Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to take this moment to be very grateful for all my wonderful, loyal and kind customers;  the new ones, the ones who keep coming back year after year, the ones who publicly praise my work, and especially the ones who are exceedingly patient and understanding when I screw up.  We all have days when nothing goes right, and these last ones make it a little less painful for me.

I’m thankful for you all!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Universal Mama is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday week long celebration starting tonight at 10 p.m.!

I just finished taking pictures of a bunch of seconds that I will be putting up for auction.  Hyenas will be able to use up to 50% Hyena Cash for the winning bid.  This will be your only chance to snag RSE seconds this year, so check back at Universal Mama often!  I will be putting them on the site shortly.

There will also be some drawings for a chance to buy pieces at a reduced price!  Most of our vendors will be participating with other great deals this week, so you should be able to find something for everybody at a reduced price.  Good luck to all!

Well, you all know I’ve been busy with customs.  I was able to send out a few of the orders earlier than expected, but the bulk of them should be ready this weekend or thereabouts!  Then I will continue in High Production Mode to build up inventory for two Christmas shows (see “schedule” at top of page for locations and dates).  I am trying to make more “beaded” mugs and bowls and things since they sold so well at the Harvest Fair, but it takes about 2 hours for one mug, so that all depends on how much time I have left after all the throwing is done!  After the shows, it’s time to settle down for a long winter’s nap.

The weather has been unusually warm here in RI so I’ve been able to put off putting the ponds and garden to bed for the winter, which is probably why I’m ahead of schedule.  Yay!