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‘kay, I feel like showing off.

First of all, the things I am most proud of creating- HA!

I can’t believe it, but they turned 16 yesterday!!

And, some mugs I did for a great customer- these were so fun to make and I was psyched at how cool they turned out!  I’d accidentally deleted the photos from my camera but she was kind enough to snap some new ones for me:

And then, Dana of srgoddess created this gorgeous pendant necklace out of one of my beads!  I love it!

George did it again!


UPDATE:  Finally, on July 8, George’s staples were removed.  Although he occasionally licks the wound, I think it’s going to heal.  It’ll leave a good sized scar, but it’s closed and healing.  I can deal with the scar!

Let me tell you about George.

I often talk about Russell here, but I don’t think I’ve talked too much about his big brother George.  This is George.  He is a Bad Dog:

But George has a great sense of humor.  I call this next picture “He ate them all.”  He didn’t really, though (not this time):

George’s favorite activities are counter surfing, garbage can diving, and bolting out the front door and leading us on a merry chase through the neighborhood .

George went in for his shots a couple of weeks ago and the vet found a tumor on his back leg.  He thought it could be a mast cell tumor which is a common cancer in dogs.  So, he recommended to have it taken off and sent to the lab.  Last Friday George had his surgery.

We brought George home with a big 3.5 inch incision on the back of his thigh, just above the hock joint.  And, of course, the Cone of Shame:

Well.  George, being 1/2 poodle, has such long legs and neck that he was able to reach his incision despite wearing the largest e-collar made!  So, back to the vet’s he went on Monday minus a few stitches, and the vet put in some heavy duty staples with a staple gun.  Well, a staple gun for vets, anyway.  Since George could still reach his incision, we found a different sort of e-collar, and just in case, we put pants on him:

The twins, John and Katie, are now out for summer vacation.  Being teenagers, they don’t always think.  They let George out to go to the bathroom.  WITH his pants on.  When they saw him trying to take a dump, they ran away screaming and left me to deal with the mess.  And what a mess it was!  I threw away this pair of pants.  So next, I put some outgrown baseball pants on him, which worked well because they were short and had elastic bands around the bottoms.

John and Katie let him out again.

The elastic didn’t allow for, um, things to escape.  They let him in the house, not realizing he came in with a little more baggage than what he went out with.  Use your imagination.

Sooo, that night I was out of pants for George, but figured the inflatable collar was working well enough that he didn’t need pants.

Nope.  Back to the vet’s the next morning for more staples.  Then I went shopping at the local overstock store for some kids’ sweatpants.  This is the look George is sporting today:

Stay tuned and I will let you know whether the cone of shame, pool floatie and Tony Stewart NASCAR pants do the trick or not, and if they slow him down during his next bolt out the door!

Incidentally, yes, it was cancer, but the vet got it all, so hopefully there will be no recurrence!

Got too busy to post!

Hi all.  Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately.  I’m trying to build up enough inventory to bring to my first show of the year,  The UCC fair in Little Compton, RI.  A kiln misfire and two rather complicated dog surgeries (one of whom has had to revisit the vet twice so far to replace stitches he has ripped out) have made this rather difficult.

I just completed two rounds of customs, took pics of some of the highlights, and then one of my lovely children deleted them from the camera!  But I did download this pic- one of my favorites- an order from a customer with an amazing sense of humor!

She also ordered a compost pot that says “Spoiled Rotten.”  LOL!

Here is the Buzz Lightyear pig all finished- luckily his new owner took a few snaps for me:

Okay, back to my 7 day a week, 10 hour a day panic attack to get this inventory filled up again!

Lost photos! RATS!

I took a few photos of some of the custom items I did that I was especially proud of before I sent them off.  And the kids deleted them from my camera!  ARGH!!!  So I don’t have anything to show you all.  Hopefully my customers will post pictures and I can steal them and put them here!

I took  a van full of boxes to Fedex yesterday.  I just have a few more to send out and everything will be in their new homes!