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Shipping invoices were sent out this morning.  If you have a custom with me and do NOT want combined shipping, just give me a shout and I’ll send them along.  I am just assuming everyone wants to save a few bucks and combine their shipping.

Also, I’m almost 1/2 way through my throwing list for the first round of customs.

The batter bowl coop is about 75% finished- I should get them all completed by the end of the week.  Same goes for the dippy bowl coop!  I am also starting on the custom orders to help fill up the kiln before firing.

A couple of orders were complete and those trickled out over the weekend.  I will have quite a load of packages to ship out by this weekend, I’m sure!

Don’t forget to get your customs payment in today to avoid being dropped!  This is for first round customers only!  Sorry I didn’t specify at first!

Names drawn and emails sent!

Congratulations to those whose names were drawn!

I received over 100 orders- 111 I believe- so the chances of being drawn were 27% if my math is correct.

Keep an eye out for that email!

Tomorrow names will be drawn 😀

Thank you to all who have entered.  I wish I could fill all of the orders I receive.  Good luck to each and every one of you!

RSE is a guest at Luna’s Gate

For a Mad Tea Party!

I got really inspired…

Going live tomorrow, March 4, at 12 noon!

I am fielding dozens and dozens of emails inquiring about specialty custom items, and there are orders coming in already that may get lost in the flood. Please hold off until the designated time before sending your order in.

Question and answer time only up until the 6th!   Thank you!

Bird Whistle!