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It will be going out on March 1.  Watch your inbox!

Also I will be doing two coops soon at Hyena Cart.  One is for itty bitty dippy bowls and the other will be for batter bowls, so keep an eye out for those if you are in need of any.

Katie is slowly healing from her surgery.  When I am not needed, I am able to throw a few pieces at a time.  Things are moving very slowly but steadily!  Currently I am finishing up the guinea pig club order (just one more glaze load should do it) and starting on the squishy cup preorder from Woolhoarders.

I am also setting up a workstation in the sun room for a new venture I am very excited about!  But that’s all I’m saying for now…heh heh…

Guinea pigs and Lilacs

RSE has been inundated with lilacs and guinea pigs!  I’ve been working on awards for the upcoming New York State Cavy Fanciers’ show:  NYSCF

Here is a sampling of what I’ve been working on: