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Be afraid….

Be very afraid.

I took a glass fusing class.  They forced us to make snowmen.

What?  I meant to make a hydrocephalic, mouthless snowman.  Shut up.

Spiderpig, spiderpig…

does whatever a spiderpig does…

A friend of mine commissions a piggy bank every Christmas for her son.  This year, it was Spiderpig.  This one was fun, and a success I think…. sometimes I don’t think I pull off her ideas so well…

Spins a web, any size….

….okay, he can’t exactly spin a web….

Catches thieves, just like flies…

…..well, coins.  He can catch coins.

AND he can walk on the ceiling…. see?

Custom Yarn Bowl

Recently at Universal Mama I auctioned off a naked yarn bowl to be glazed and decorated in whatever manner the winning bidder requested.  The bidding got pretty intense, and I am awed and humbled by the response- thank you!

I thought I would put up a pictorial of the work in progress, so here goes!

Here we have the naked yarn bowl, the drawings Katie did for the bowl (as per the customer’s request), some of my brushes and a little dish I put my underglazes in…

Here you can see my well-splattered wall behind my worktable… and the images drawn on the bowl.

This takes a vital role in the creative process!  Also you can see the white base coat has been applied to the images.

Starting to add color…

More details and color…

Here is the kitty, and I have started painting the black shadow and outlines.

Here the little manga knitter is finished, and the piece is ready to dunk into clear glaze outside,

and then I paint colored glaze inside.

Then it is put into the kiln for firing  …  and here is what came out!

I sure hope she likes it!

The ultimate tribute

A good customer of mine wrote that her 6 year old son had seen the video I posted a while back, and decided he would like to make a squishy cup on his own pottery wheel:

Heart….melting….  is that not the sweetest thing ever?

In less than an hour, my biggest stocking of the year at Universal Mama goes live, so go snag something while you can!  I’ve stocked all kinds of goodies from bathroom sets to piggy banks, including a rainbow set of the coveted squishy cups, a casserole, berry bowls, butter crocks, mugs and more!

This has always been a great venue, and this year did not disappoint!

A very busy day all in all.  While a lot was sold, I will have plenty more for today’s show at The Potter League for Animals so come visit!

On Monday I will have a bunch of items for sale online at Universal Mama, so if you couldn’t make it to these shows, you can try to snag some goodies for yourself tomorrow at 10 p.m.