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All customs have been boxed, weighed and invoiced.  I ran out of business cards and have my fingers crossed that they will arrive today!

I will be cranking up the production for the next two weeks  as I have shows on the 4th, 5th and 12th.  Eeks!  Who schedules these things?

Barring any “oops” that I may have to do over, here is the last glazing load of customs.

Before firing:

And after!

I am up to my last two firings (barring any do-overs).  Most of your orders are finished, minus one or two pieces which are due to be fired next week if they are not somewhere in here:

Not the best photo- it was tonight and I had to use the flash.

At any rate, thanks for your patience!  Your orders will be shipped by Thanksgiving as promised…

Almost forgot the pictures!

Here are Elvis, Qbert and Ziggy:

And here are the remaining cast of our Haunted House. Front- Silent Hill Nurse and Vampire Surgeon.  Back- Creepy floating face, Victim, Wall Face and Grim Reaper: