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Winners notified!

My email has been wonky (perfect timing, huh?) so if you didn’t get a notification and want to know if you got in or not, just use the “contact” link at the top to shoot me an email. Thanks!

Wait for it….

…heh heh.

We drew names but I haven’t even peeked yet. 😉

Here is the rundown:  I received 60 orders- thank you everyone!

I wrote down everyone’s name on a slip of paper.  I could have used a random number generator, but I like the personal touch.

Then, I put them in a *gasp*  RSE cereal bowl:

Then, I rounded up my most favorite children 😉 to draw names for me. <snicker>

The first one kept peeking for his favorite customers, and then gave me attitude when I called him on it:

So, I had to go find my other most favorite child, but when he discovered that there was no food in the bowl, he could not be bothered:

Finally, I had to get another of my kids to draw from the bowl.  He was very willing to be an Official RSE Drawing Judge:

Here he is looking all official.

Okay, now for the drawing part:

Look at him go!

Notice the look of deep concentration- he takes his job very seriously:

And…. almost done- he stopped at 20 names:

And there we have it!

Now, I’m toddling off to compile the official customs list, and will notify those of you whose names were drawn.  If you don’t hear from me, your name wasn’t drawn today.

HOWEVER, I have a feeling that one of my holiday shows is not going to happen this year.  I should know by the end of October.  So, I’m hanging onto names, and if I have time to do some more customs, I will have a second drawing around Halloween!

Good luck, everyone!

people not getting the newsletter!

So, the newsletter is at the “customs/how to order” link at the top of the page. You can message me at Hyenacart (I’m “junko”) or facebook (June Gonzalez) or at my etsy store.

Sorry for any inconvenience! You have until midnight Saturday to order!


I’m so excited about these!  They are sweet little dishes perfect for dipping your sushi, or fries, or whatever else tickles your fancy.  They were a request from Lisa of Healing Pixie and I played around and fell in love with them!

They are raw clay outside and glazed inside, and hold about 1.5 to 2 ounces.  Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe as always.

They are so cute, don’t you just want to give them a kiss?

Check your Inbox!

Holiday custom orders newsletter just went out! 😀

Becky of Becky’s Paper Creations has been kind enough to volunteer to host a yarn bowl coop that starts on September 13!  They will start at $19.  You can sign up here:

Hyenacart yarn bowl coop

The bowls will be available in all my glazes, with one or two slots, and with or without a sheep.  Here are some examples:

There will be a small discount which I normally do not offer since I try to keep my prices as reasonable as possible already.  So, be ready, because we anticipate these 30 bowls to go fast! 😀