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I lied.

There will be a couple more kiln loads yet.  Here some of the latest goodies!

And I am so happy with this last piece.  This is by far my favorite one.  I was very afraid of attempting it and put it towards the back of my list, but once I did my research and took the plunge, I really enjoyed doing it and I am thrilled about how it came out!


Penultimate batch of customs!

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Beachy Woes

My beach glaze used to look like this:

And after the supplier running out of one of the main components, and me scrambling to find more, and the supplier finally getting some more backordered for me, my beach glaze now looks like this:

I like it just fine, in its own right.  It’s toastier.  But for people who have preordered items in beach glaze, expecting the former, this is a HUGE problem.  I’ve been fighting this and other problems with this glaze since Christmas.  I hope I can finally get it right today with the latest tweak.  Cross your fingers for me that it works, or I am going to fling myself off a tall building.