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Two Trees for Christmas

Every year we cut down a tree at a local tree farm.  Very local, as in 2 blocks away!  We love this farm and we also pick blueberries there in the summer.  This year I decided to get fancy and selected a different type of tree than what we usually get- I chose a white fir.   Due to a heavy workload this time of year, we often don’t get to bring a tree home until a week or so before Christmas.  We installed ours in the house on the 13th within an hour of cutting.

A week later, we discovered this:


I’m a bit of a fire phobic, so OUT the tree went.  I tried vacuuming up the needles and ended up spending an hour unplugging the vacuum cleaner!  So we ended up sweeping the carpet and attacking the rest with a shop vac.  Whew.  Yesterday we went searching for trees- a lot harder than I thought it would be- and our local farmer was snowed in, so I couldn’t go back to him.  We finally found a farm stand with three lonely frasier firs and brought home a little one and set it up.

24 hours later, I am glad to report that it is behaving nicely.  No needle vomit on my carpet.



Last Load!

Christmas gifts- something new that is a lot of fun to make!  These are between 15 to 18 inches long and cut off a slab of clay with a twisted wire to get the ridges.




An order from a local customer who has the SWEETEST Westie on the planet.  Hugs to MacDuff!!!!


The WTF pig:


a new style of mug I debuted at the Potter League Animal Shelter on Sunday.  I love making these and will make more!


I am FINISHED.  Happy Holidays to everyone- friends, family, customers- from Rising Sun Earthworks!