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Lost everything on my computer!

If you’ve contacted me recently, please do so again as my hard drive died and nobody is able to get anything out of it!  This may….*may* delay my customs by a week or so.  I’ll have to see if I can get an online data retrieval company to get my info.  I guess I have learned my lesson about backing up my hard drive!

Bellas Birthday Bash

Any Twilight fan will know who Bella is.  But Twilight fan or not, this store is full of gorgeous items inspired by Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga.

Finally, final kitchen pix

Kitchen has been finished a couple of weeks but I just took pictures yesterday:





Notice that I still haven’t put knobs and handles on!  The drawers and cabinets seem to work fine without them, though 😉

Kiln Opening 09-07-09


First glaze firing of the fall.  I always say kiln openings are either like Christmas or Halloween.  By the looks of the top layer, it’s a Christmas!  Still too hot to look underneath, though.