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Back in the saddle again…

…or muddy folding chair?  Back in the studio, anyway.  It’s been much more enjoyable with my new little studio buddy, but I’m not as productive as I usually am.  He’s just too darn cute.




But I’m innocent, I tell ya!



I’ve wanted a French Bulldog for years.  At least 4-5 years.  When our Irish Wolfhound died, I started going to dog shows and meeting frenchies and their handlers/breeders  and really liked the ones I met.  But we decided to get a labradoodle.  We got George and wouldn’t trade him for anything- he is the wonderdog- we love him SO much!

George's chair

I kept researching frenchies in the meantime- my dream never went away.  Well, Louie died back in May so I started looking again.  I found a breeder who had an expectant bitch not too far away- Pennsylvania- so I kept in touch.  A good frenchie from a reputable breeder is hard to find and it’s exceptionally hard to get on any sort of waiting list.  I checked out this breeder’s dogs through OFFA and mom and dad and most of the others mentioned were listed as being tested for and passing numerous important health tests.  She was in the breeder recommendation list at the French Bulldog Club of America.   She was friendly and readily answered any questions I had, so I counted myself lucky to find a breeder I could talk to!

I was worried about seeming stalkerish and putting her off, so I forced myself to wait a week or two between emails.  Finally the pups were born and I had to be patient again as I wanted a companion, not a show animal.  It’s very hard for a breeder to tell which puppy has potential or not.  At 9 weeks she made her decision and I held my breath.  Both boys were show prospects.  I could have cried!  But then she offered me the boy she wasn’t keeping, as a co-ownership where I would keep him and she would show him.  But I didn’t want to have to keep an unneutered male, so with great reluctance, I told her I would have to pass him up.   A day or so later, she said she had discussed it with her husband and decided a good home was more important than being able to show the dog, and offered him to me!  We were all ecstatic!

She was going to a show in MA just after the pups turned 10 weeks and I asked her if I could meet her there, 2 hours away, instead of driving 6 hours to pick him up.  She agreed, and we met on Wednesday and picked him up!  I have to say that Lesa Manoskey is the most wonderful lady.  She was kind and helpful and is a very conscientious breeder.  I am so very lucky to have found her!  She was just as amazing in person.  Thank you so much Lesa of Bigstar French Bulldogs!

Oh, I suppose after reading all that, you want to see pictures of the little guy.  Meet Russell!  He is already proving to be quite the funny little guy and we love him very much- I’m sure he will be starring in this blog quite often in the future.


quick peek at the backsplash…


This is travertine 2″ mosaic and the accents are slate.  I grouted today and barely finished in time to go watch a local kids’ band play at a saloon in Newport.  Katie’s drummer guy was substituting for the drummer in his big brother’s band and he was GREAT!  They all were.

Nothing much these days

We took a road trip to DC to be touristy- that was fun!  And wow- you never really get a sense of all these great landmarks until you actually SEE them in person, know what I mean?

I’m still working on the kitchen and hope to post a picture of the completed project in a week or two.

I’m also waiting for news as to whether I will be new mommy to a French Bulldog!